Am I In Love With My Best Friend?

Do you feel something more than friendship between you and your best friend? Some spark or chemistry? Let's find out what is it actually with this interesting set of questions!

Am I In Love With My Best Friend?

Do you love him/her? Have you ever noticed how a person changes around someone they love? Is that happening with you too? Let's find what kind of relationship you are wanting from the inside with your best friend, cause risking your friendship for some invalid feelings wouldn't be fair, make sure what you're actually feeling.

Am I In Love With My Male/Female Best Friend?

Now is the time to know what you're actually feeling and where will it lead you with your best friend. Sharing a love relationship with them is one of the best feelings and things that can happen to you, but you need to be sure about it, otherwise, things can take a bad turn!

Soo in love!

You're soo in love with your best friend. Do not wait, you're having signals from the other end too! It's a start to a beautiful journey with your very own best friend!


He/she is just like a friend to you, you both are better off that way, do not risk anything. You've got a gem of a friend, keep her/him safe.