Top or Bottom Quiz

How do you like it in bed? Answer the questions, to find it out!

On Top or Bottom?

It's our choice of liking to be submissive or dominating in bed. Something may creep you out but your partner. Confused about how to lead your partner, if you are in a mood? 

Are You A Top Or A Bottom?

Time to know what you actually like and would prefer in bed for the most amazing time! Answer these fun, nasty, and spicy questions on the quiz to get your result!


You like to control things in bed and want to be on the TOP, at all times. 


You like getting dominated, someone else doing you is your idea of pleasure. You like being on BOTTOM, to have that amazing time.


Not very perceptive, you adjust being anything until it gives you pleasure. It's the most right way to continue with your partner if your opinions differ.