What Decade Are You?

It's time to know the date for yourself and the decade your soul belongs to! Take this quiz to know this and a lot more!

What Decade Do You Really Belong In?

Have you ever thought if you were in some different era or decade it would have been more fun and you'd adjust really well? Maybe when you watch a movie, like the music of another decade, or read a novel and wonder how it would be if I was in the 2000s? 

What Decade Are You Quiz:

Answer these interesting questions on the quiz to know your favorite decade or actually from when do you belong!


An era to be a chic, with those big sunglasses, monogrammed handbags. More of a show off and brand loving person, it was the times of Britney Spears, Hilton and Beyonce. You cannot help yourself but think of those times, when the generation actually uplifted.

90's Era

The era of Pokemon and R.L. Stine's Goosebumps! You're more fascinated towards the fashion of bell bottoms and Spice Girls! With Michael Jackson firing up the place, this was one of the most interesting decade for that generation to grow up in, your heart takes you to those wonderful times!


The decade of wearing absolute bright colors and laying a unique fashion statement. Curious about this glorious generation of great pop culture and style! The era of Mix Tapes, associated with nostalgia and memories, which continue to live in you!


Peace all around, is that what you prefer? All over the place with your fringes, a decade of simplicity and love for each other is what you crave and demand for. 

Modern Decade

Happy in the 21st century, cannot afford to lose my cellphone and all the facilities and developing sciences. It's the best time to shine!