What Is Your Brain Good At?

How rational can you think? And how does your brain work and towards what? Know all this by answering some simple and interesting questions!

Test for brain activity:

Answer some simple and brainy questions, in accordance with your daily life decisions and way of working, to test your brain, how good it is at things, and exactly at what things?

What is your brain good at quiz?

You're more rational, creative, or divergent? Take up this quiz to know!

Creative Thinking

You think out of the box, facts and figures do not influence your brain and decisions much. You work towards a better living, by using fewer resources and money. You have the sense of time and remain self-aware. Being free and stress-free is your life mantra.


You come with the most unique and different ideas, standing out in your team. Preferring to work in a team, you cannot always go on in a normal routine. Change and innovation are inside you and have to happen around you. 

Rational Thinking

You can get through unseen situations and problems with a good solution. You work on facts and figures, gather them and try to motivate people around you towards a better and rational thinking like yourself.

Divergent Thinking

You have more than a single solution to a problem. You look into things that make sense, coming up with innovative solutions, breaking through every problem.