What Is Your Hippie Name?

If you were in the '60s, what would your friends have called you? A nickname that suits your personality and traits!

What Is My Hippie Name?

What does your personality reflects and curating it into a Hippie Nickname is something that you'll like to know. Don't you? Are you a Blazing Thunder or a Quiet Storm? It's time to know that!

What Is Your Hippie Name Quiz:

Answer these questions, according to your choice or near to them. This fun and interesting quiz will reveal your Hippie Name in seconds!

Sunside Sonny

Hippy! You like things to be fun and positive at all times. Satisfied with your living, you dream big, and Ooh, your definition of having fun is really different from others.

Daisy Bee

Happy in your own world, you like how people used to be soo friendly and cheery in the old times. You carry an aura of your own, leaving an enchanting fragrance when you pass by.

Crazy Dawn

Bringing a new look for a new day, you're someone who doesn't like holding on to things, all chill and outgoing!


You're as swift and as fast as a light, striking in your looks with that dope personality makes you unique. You bring in destruction at times but a ray of hope too!