What Kind Of Bike Should I Get?

Which bike should you get according to your needs and liking? Know it in no time by answering this fun and interesting quiz with simple questions.

What Kind Of Bike Should I Get?

Want a colorful or a one-colored bike? One that can carry stuff or the one which can run in marathons? Keeping all your choices in mind, answer the questions and get the best results!

What Kind Of Bike Should I Get Quiz

Do you know your likes and dislikes? So what are you waiting for? Try and answer these questions, to know which bike suits you the most!

Mountain Bikes

They are meant for you! Mountain bikes are built for riding in the mountains or on off-road trails, so they're chunkier, have knobbly tyres, and a frame geometry that makes them better suited to extremely uneven ways and platforms.

Hybrid/Commuter Bikes

Hybrid bikes, sometimes known as commuter bikes, are essentially a cross between road cycles and mountain bikes. They allow you to do a little bit of everything. What you give up in terms of specialization, you get in terms of freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want and as per your likings, this will suit you the best!

Women's Bikes

Wanna carry things on your bike in a basket, this bike is meant for a woman like you! They are made specifically for women, with smaller frame sizes and different frame geometry than men's bikes. They occasionally have a step-through frame, which was initially designed to benefit riders wearing dresses or skirts.

Folding Bikes

Folding bikes, are designed to fold up into a compact size so that you may store them when not in use or ride them to the rail or bus terminal and fold them up when you arrive. They can also be stored in a car or a hallway cupboard, when you have less space, this can be your solution.