What Weapon Are You?

If you were a weapon, which one would you be? Answer the quiz to come up with some interesting results!

What kind of weapon you are?

Ever wondered if you were a weapon, which one would you be? As fiery as an  AK47 or as sharp as a knife? It seems really interesting, doesn't it?

What weapon suits you?

Wanna find out which weapon suits you, tells a lot about your personality and if you could be one, which one you would've been?  Hop on the quiz, quickly!


As sharp as your personality, you come out of nowhere and get your things done.


A literal bomb! Blasting when it's necessary otherwise laying low. You bring in a sudden thud.


Shooting all out! You drop as the rain of bullets making sure you get your way as soon as possible.


A small thing, but works wonders. No one knows what and who you actually are!